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Bonus Calculator - PLDT myDSL Promo

Get 15% OFF from your Fist Monthly Fee, in the form of Load Credit Rebates, 15 days after paying your first monthly subscription fee and successful installation of your myDSL connection!

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Features and Benefits

Nationwide Coverage. We can process applications from anywhere in the Philippines!

Get myDSL even without a phone line. With myDSL-W, we can install myDSL even if you don't have a PLDT landline or any landline at all!

Fast download. Download files and websites in a jiffy. Say goodbye to long hours spent downloading via a dial-up connection.

Unlimited internet connection. Stay online for as long as you want. No more plans that limit your usage with specific consumable hours.

Full use of telephone line. Make voice calls and send fax messages even while connected to the internet.

No new wirings required. ADSL runs through the telephone lines you already have and we provide you the modem to connect to the internet.

Residential Rates (Inclusive of VAT)

myDSL XPERIENCEup to 384KbpsP999
myDSL XCITEup to 768KbpsP1,995
myDSL XCELup to 2MbpsP3,000

Business Rates (VAT Exclusive)

Explorerup to 512KbpsP3,000
Entrepreneurup to 768KbpsP4,000
Enterpriseup to 1MbpsP8,000
Empireup to 1.5MbpsP14,500

Download the appropriate files below and submit the requirements to us via email at or fax to (02) 672-3260

Residential Application Files | Business Application Files

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